Kim Hodges

Mental Health Month

Learn and Grow – 2016’s Mental Health Month theme

This is my story based on my life experience of growing up in an isolated small country town, Coolah, in central west NSW, Australia in the 1980s. This Memoir is written in the first person through a sensitive adolescent lens and personal reflections from me as an adult are embedded in the writing.

As I attempt to make sense of my teenage world, themes such as: self; identity; belonging; alienation; sexual awakening; coming of age; inequality and emotionality are explored as I develop my own social conscious and moral compass. Also the differences between ‘townies’ and ‘graziers’ and the expectations of male and female behaviour are scrutinised within the everyday. I also examine the day-to-day going-ons in my own family, other families, school and the town with watchful eyes and an inquisitive mind.

The plot explores: how I make sense of life and death; construct my personal identity; the effects of my upbringing; navigating a fractious mother-daughter relationship and am void of any sense of belonging within my family, school and the town. My curiosity poses many questions as to why things are as they are, but often remain unanswered.

The Memoir also exposes and examines the prejudices, social mores and unwritten rules that are constructed in this class divided town, why these exist and how they are sustained. Distinctions and similarities between individuals, families and classes are scrutinised often with humour to offset the sadness. My own personal challenges, barriers and adversities to reach my full potential are woven throughout the story with both heartbreaking and liberating consequences.

Join us as we mark Mental Health Month with Kim Hodges, author of  Girl on the Edge, a powerful memoir that richly illustrates the struggles of a young woman coming of age in 1980s small town Australia. Kim will be making a presentation based on her own experience of mental health, Flying in the sky to drowning in the sea: living with denial, terror and unwellness.

Kim Hodges @ Balmain Library                           Tuesday 25 October 6:30pm

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